Smoked Bacon Wrapped Steak & Shrimp Kabobs Skewers Recipe

Posted on 06 August 2011 by admin     

It’s a holiday around here when you’re serving up these grilled Surf and Turf skewers at the Pit. But to keep those shrimp and tender cuts of beef steak moist and tender, check out these tips for grilling Bacon wrapped Kabobs by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. 2hottie69 Says:

    Cilantro instead of parsley
    lime instead of lemon
    he says “halapeno” instead of ja-lapeno
    this guy is pure texan to the bone.
    lol great video great channel

  2. loverofthedogz111 Says:

    love the way he says chaize(cheese)

  3. loverofthedogz111 Says:

    thumps up if u looked up “bacon”

  4. HanshDunbdgf Says:

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  5. leilazmedros Says:

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  6. AstridLaci Says:

    If you have any problem your family life call latina

  7. bigglefty75 Says:

    man that looks GUUUD !!!

  8. EasyRecipesHQ Says:

    good videos….congrats good stuff

  9. YelloFello15 Says:

    So good, the American Heart Association won’t approve of this.

  10. redskins2k Says:

    @ertznay probaly vegeterian tree huggers

  11. ertznay Says:

    13 people obviously clicked dislike on accident

  12. sEventoRii Says:

    the cat in the corner XDDDDD

  13. chongkiez Says:

    look at that knife, rustic cooking.

  14. MrJuarezBoii Says:

    where do i find that kind of oil?

  15. dlmsuperdave Says:

    I don’t know if everyone’s advertisement is the same but mine was for OWN (the oprah winfrey network) How inappropriate for BBQ Pit boys. This ain’t no girly man shit going on here. Be gone oprah!

  16. FBuilding Says:

    mmmmh… for some reason, watching this video makes me hate my job. damn i’d love a nice friendly bbq. great videos.

  17. dizphr3ak Says:

    i tried this… it was awesome!!

  18. kohara09 Says:

    whats the song at the start?

  19. alexnds1 Says:

    I love the BBQ Pit Boys shows! Alot of prep work, but this is not girlie man food. This is real man’s food and just simply delicisios! My mouth is watering just watching it! Boy is this good old fashioned mouth watering eating!

  20. FBuilding Says:

    “get yourself a big onion” > yup.

  21. spidez8407 Says:

    @tlesiak91 LOL

  22. fiftyfiveseventy Says:

    I fucking love this show. So good.

  23. twentythree2life Says:

    agh…my stomach just went to memphis baby….!!!

  24. nomames2008 Says:

    suna bitch he took a bite right in front of us GODAMN thats sum GOOD ass food right there..

  25. sunblock110 Says:

    lol that echo from when you taste it is awesome


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