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St Louis Style Barbecue Spare Ribs by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 09 May 2012 by admin     

Grill up some real delicious, and real tender, “low and slow” barbecue Spare Ribs with this easy to do St. Louis style Pork Ribs recipe, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at —

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  1. outtacontrolmm Says:

    rub? my nuts real good and uh. . . . “stop talking dude”

  2. xXxBeautiFuL1xXx Says:

    mmmm I could almost smell that through? my monitor 😛

  3. kidfromcj Says:

    Who gives a shit? You don’t need to do it exactly like them, nor are you probably getting to try it. These guys are just trying to help dumb asses like you get? ideas on how not to F your shit up on the grill.

  4. vele05a Says:

    please do you have the recipe how to make the? BBQ sauce ?? pleaseeeeeee

  5. trenander Says:

    It’s? on their webpage, go look!

  6. eyasabb Says:

    this knife? is EPIC

  7. robpal555 Says:

    Okay, lets just shoot him out of? mercy.

  8. robpal555 Says:

    Oh my Gawd what deliciousness! Love ’em…and the fact you all? don’t neither go for that 3-2-1 tinfoil-then-nontinfoil nonsense. You guys do it right, everytime!

  9. xxxRicardoRlzxxx Says:

    Your mother dont make BBQ? like me. She doesnt live in brasil

  10. j00jy Says:

    My mother is Brazilian.
    You’re not even close!
    Although I love how Brazilians integrate garlic into their cooking.?

  11. xxxRicardoRlzxxx Says:

    brazilian? barbecue is much better

  12. jandb150 Says:

    ya, this guys voice is straight? out of a John Wayne movie. But looks good none the less…I’m hungry now. LMAO!

  13. TheLuciandevil Says:

    low and slow? loool

  14. SeedMayers Says:

    im so hungry? now….

  15. ProjectMaelstrom Says:

    Nope if you see in another video he is removing it. Prolly he have remove it? in this one too just dont show it on video. this fat that he left is good for the low and slow after 3 hours it will not be there but it will have protect the meat from beign very dry

  16. jtlbb2 Says:

    Love these videos! there’s something about his voice that just makes you realize this? guy knows how to BBQ! lol.

  17. petervalentine10 Says:

    Can? you say Ron Swanson?? haha

  18. Jonayofsweden Says:

    You could at least make an effort to type your words in? real English.

  19. Dreamer25Yup Says:

    This guy sounds? like a badass

  20. Salim Sedat Pala Says:

    Good? work

  21. aliciakay444 Says:

    I LOVE you videos! Ive had a hard time with my ribs. I cant tell when to? add the coals or how much to add. I LOVE to sit outside and grill

  22. aliciakay444 Says:

    Oh well! I do the same? thing and im still kicking. Who cares???

  23. AL7AZEN Says:

    can i live with you? ;-; i’ll work with u np i’ll chop wood hunt whatever u want in? the woods just lemme live with you


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