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Still Game: “Recipe” – Series 6 Episode 6 (Pt 1 of 3)

Posted on 16 November 2010 by admin     

Jack and Victor discover Pete the Jakey was the inventor of the famous Beefy bake and seek recompense on his behalf. Tam and Frances are having marital problems. Who can offer council, Navid?

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  1. neebs56 Says:

    a beefy bake is a steak bake in real life!!! mazin, just mazin

  2. Jupitersgoose Says:

    Climbing K2 with Meena strapped to my back. Rofl

  3. xM3GATRONx Says:


  4. PS3CRAZY96 Says:

    Look at this poor dick wan pair of underpants and lives under a bridge! XD

  5. McStevy Says:

    7:35 absolute genius line

  6. fogwatch Says:

    We’re lazy, greedy bastards!

  7. darrenburns123 Says:

    @darrenburns123 hahahahahahaha i do that all the time, they look similar i’ll give that one me old mate

  8. AimFireScream Says:

    @darrenburns123 Haha yeah, I’ve watched that episode again a while back and realised I was totally wrong, my bad 😛

  9. darrenburns123 Says:

    @AimFireScream have a word with urself!! there’s about 20 years of difference

  10. darrenburns123 Says:

    @mikeyman6 no shit mate lol

  11. johnnyfin1 Says:

    im eating a beefy bake

  12. mikeyman6 Says:

    beefy bakes are just steak bakes

  13. DuncanoBoydo Says:

    its a beefy bake no mistake

  14. Mcadam94 Says:

    the guy in the car isnae the same guy as the guy that works in the estate agents !!!!!!!

  15. AimFireScream Says:

    Hold on hold on, that bloke in the car at 4:35 is the same bloke that worked in the estate agents, in the episode where Winston moves house. The fly bastards 😛

  16. jammyjb11 Says:

    LUV THIS 1 .

  17. jackyberesford Says:

    @reecenolan i agree they look nice

  18. reecenolan Says:

    they beefy bakes look the bollocks i want wan noo

  19. sculli722 Says:

    haha feel sorry for me i used to live in uddingston where the first bit was filmed and now ive emigrated and i cant get a greggs anymore …i want a chicken pasty !


    i hate this episode i always want a befy bake or somthing filled with meal – like the beefy bake

  21. mitchellymt1 Says:

    hhahahahaah ” ya fat specky bastard ! ahahah

  22. mongchilde Says:

    i need to go to gregs or mathiesons now!

  23. koolkillax Says:

    “You bastard!”
    “Ya bastard!”
    “You fat specky bastard!!!”

  24. inventiveinsanity Says:


    Are you insane?!!? they don’t even speak English in this. It’s Scottish! Every bit of it!

    Oh man………

  25. tinkerbellno2 Says:

    i totally agree wae ya there mate:) that guess a fuckin wank callin still game scottish!!! lol fuckin tosser!!! he sounds like a wee fanny haha


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