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Still Game: “Recipe” – Series 6 Episode 6 (Pt 3 of 3)

Posted on 30 January 2011 by admin     

Jack and Victor discover Pete the Jakey was the inventor of the famous Beefy bake and seek recompense on his behalf. Tam and Frances are having marital problems. Who can offer council, Navid?

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  1. inspiredbyshikari Says:

    @MessyVampkin nah man greggs is shite, its always cold stuff.

  2. reecenolan Says:

    but technnically this is an incorrect line of questioning because it could also have been methalated spirits, hair lacquer and indeed on one occasion turps ma’ lord

  3. saturn1returns Says:

    @AliT1995 I agree. If you are tying to highlight other accents via grammar to give the reader a rough idea on how it sounds then so be it. But otherwise type in english so all english literate readers around the globe can understand you. It makes sense.

  4. chuckydog Says:

    it would have been better off being called a jake bake lol

  5. stoner44bear Says:

    Ilike how pete says he made the beef bake at his house but the flash back was at work!

  6. toolyplumber Says:

    Happy as a gypsies dog with two cocks!

  7. MarkRiches Says:


    don’t bother responding if it doesn’t bother you then

  8. TheeFreakiishlyz Says:

    @MarkRiches Because we’re proud to be scottish… We didnae giv a shite aboot your opinions.

  9. MarkRiches Says:


    yeah I am too. it’s a bit daft

  10. AliT1995 Says:

    @MarkRiches I have no idea. I’m from Scotland and I think it’s stupid to type in your accent.

  11. MarkRiches Says:

    why do people type in their accent?

  12. ADEMruinedmylife909 Says:

    @Frogass aye, yeh’ve a gude point there. Ah’m sae sorry fur owerreactin’ like thit! 🙂

  13. Frogass Says:

    @ADEMruinedmylife909 Is this a joke? wind ur neck in ya prick its only a tv show.

  14. ruggylad Says:

    @kuroistuc hahahahahaha wit a reply, that musta took a lot a thot lol cany beleive you went tae the trouble a checkin a calendar tae see wit day the 15th a september 1979 wiz. hahahahahahahaha

  15. kuroistuc Says:

    @ruggylad Shut up!

  16. ruggylad Says:

    @kuroistuc you are a fuckin mug, get a grip an stop hingin aff yer maws tit

  17. weegregrfc Says:

    am away tae greggs tae get a steak bake

  18. scottishkayaker Says:

    @MessyVampkin haha exactly what i thought

  19. kuroistuc Says:

    The drink cabinet was probably the ‘best’ (well, I say that, but it’s no good for Pete…) settlement they could have had, because 15 September 1979 was actually a Saturday, so they’d have lost the case 🙂

  20. walonsubi Says:

    @MessyVampkin I’m fucking starving watching it!

  21. TheJaytard Says:

    the endin wiz a fuckin shame XD

  22. reecenolan Says:

    i reckon that the idea that tam and francis havin a baby kinda ripped the arse oot it none the less it wis the best show oan the telly


    and turps my lord lololol so freakin funny

  24. CystVonCysor Says:

    No, the Internet is an integral part of today’s media, its interconnectivity crossing countless boundaries and blurring lines. Stupid, old, unfunny jokes like this shouldn’t get in the way of that.

  25. koolkillax Says:

    6:32 Tam’s face! LOL!


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