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Strawberry Fool

Posted on 30 August 2012 by admin     

Mark Bittman makes a classic British summer dessert from an archival Minimalist recipe. Related Article: Please visit in order to embed this video. Watch more videos at

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  1. K’Lee Hines Says:

    I love strawberries and I love all the ingredients? in this recipe. I have a spot where I get my strawberries from:

  2. jbadal1 Says:

    @EvanFingerstyle It just appeared to me that Mark drove around w Mario Batali and that it was automatic that strawberries would be nice and that he? would be neater. Just saying…….

  3. EvanFingerstyle Says:

    I thought that’s why this is? called the Minimalist? Just keeping things to a simple minimum. Seeing as how Mark doesn’t cook for a bunch of 5 star restaurants, I think the show targets middle class people wanting to keep things simple.

  4. jbadal1 Says:

    No fancy finishing on this show. He should finish w strawberries and be? neater when spooning it into the goblet.

  5. oddysseuss Says:

    hooray the minimalist is back! Keep it up, sir. Even? if it the recipes are “old”. Best cooking show on the internet.

  6. ICE9RLN0 Says:

    how do you feel about? immersion blenders?


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