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Strip Loin Roast ‘3000’

Posted on 18 November 2010 by admin     

Episode 381

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  1. kooktocook Says:

    @thatbastardson See my Cuts of Beef video. cheers, KtC

  2. thatbastardson Says:

    what’s the difference between all these cuts of beef? strip loin this, rib eye that, round eye, butt. anyone have a solid meat cut reference online, where i can check on what im buying?

  3. kooktocook Says:

    @UngratefulSwine Have a great day! cheers, KtC

  4. UngratefulSwine Says:

    That looks splendid!

    Thank you always 😀

  5. kooktocook Says:

    thank you, I appreciate the comment. Have a great day! KtC

  6. kooktocook Says:

    I have a few recipes here using boneless. Works great with the fingers, popkook chicken, sandwiches. I have a bacon wrapped recipe too worth trying. So many. Best to do a search and go through them all. cheers! KtC

  7. takethatyouhussy Says:

    btw, you have 3000 of us because you do a great job! Thank you, from all of us!

  8. takethatyouhussy Says:

    Love your stuff. What do you do with boneless, skinless chicken breasts? I feel like I’m always doing the same stuff and I need something with some new flavours. I also love soups, esp ones that use dried beans/lentils. Do you have any ideas? You rock!!

  9. peopleschamp2011 Says:

    @kooktocook Wow that looks really good! Thank you for posting all these videos!

  10. kooktocook Says:

    thanks bud!

  11. mehquig Says:

    3000?? Way To Go!!!

  12. kooktocook Says:

    thank you:) cheers! KtC

  13. kooktocook Says:

    I usually use a rack (or hold up the meat with skeweres) to ‘allow’ the meat to cook ‘all around’. Rack or on the bottom, any juices will tend to collect (which is good). I used a roaster this time with slightly raised bottom grooves. This roast was the French way. Hi temp. oven/ fairly short time. Many methods for roasting. Sometimes an extreme hi temp. for a few minutes than a much lower one for most of the cooking time. Depends on the cut and if it is marinaded or not. Thank you, cheers! KtC

  14. MrsAlwaysMakeMeSmile Says:

    now, that deserves another 3000 subscribers!!!

  15. LDKBBAB Says:

    isn’t the meat suppose to go on a rack to prevent all the juice from running out?

  16. kooktocook Says:

    Nice evening meal tha tis for sure. thanks mate! KtC

  17. mmdghr Says:

    i am so making this thank you !!!!!!!

  18. CrystalNightFox Says:

    XD Yeah.. We dare to dream.

  19. kooktocook Says:

    thanks bud, very much appreciated. cheers! KtC

  20. kooktocook Says:

    yo Char!
    Yes, same cut. In fact I wil buy it this size (or larger) and just cut my own steaks. Cheaper, plus I tend to look for the sales.
    When roasted like this I find a thick cut is best.
    all the best! KtC

  21. kooktocook Says:

    sounds fantastic!

  22. kooktocook Says:

    Thank you. I always enjoy hearing new recipes and methods. I have nejoyed the BBQ. Many variable recipes. yummmm
    cheers! KtC

  23. kooktocook Says:

    It was quite tasty 🙂
    cheers, KtC

  24. kooktocook Says:

    one never knows what may happen. thanks a bunch! cheers, KtC

  25. kooktocook Says:

    Hey, how are you? Thanks, always appreciate your comments and suggestions. cheers! KtC


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