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Strip Steaks and Whiskey Gravy by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 14 December 2011 by admin     

Whiskey Gravy tastes real good on most anything, but especially on these New York Strip Steaks. So dig out your grill and fire it up because we’re goin’ to show you how easy it is to serve up some real good eatin’ at your barbecue pit..! It’s New York Strips and Gravy, baby…!

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  1. TheMotorman116 Says:

    People who think barbecuing is only for summer are? wussies. It’s a YEAR ROUND thing man! Plus with the cold air you get even more low and slow cookin. Way to go pit boys.

  2. kaplefff Says:

    what? a name of song at 6.15? Does anyone know?

  3. jadedmastermind Says:

    Jack Daniel’s! For smokier gravy, try Laphroaig 10? year scotch.

  4. miatageekscott Says:

    I like my steak? rare…

  5. AbePagodaCLC Says:

    Looks? soooo good but so much for cooking steak at room temperature.

  6. PesarTarofi Says:

    he said? teaspoon of salt but cranks out the sodium chloride for a good minute

  7. demanuba Says:

    ok now goin out to start my BBQ and throw on the strips..just needed some good advice from? my boys!! thanks boys!!

  8. partyboy1800 Says:

    i have a feeling that hes? the real jack daniel

  9. KallOfDooty Says:

    I love you guys? omg

  10. colbysjake Says:

    im setn here? watchn this eatn a bologna sandwich for lunch ugh

  11. SailfishSoundSystem Says:

    You guys rule!?

  12. aronchas Says:

    can u smell that?? smells like? snoww!!

  13. yourunclehank1 Says:

    dude on the right double dipped in
    the community? plate

  14. flameout12345 Says:

    the eatting? part always kills me

  15. glennzone12 Says:

    @SanKarma 69 likes,lol?

  16. Stokemeaclipperbro Says:

    @SanKarma hey, that was? pretty good…. nice one.

  17. StowAlex Says:

    @SanKarma ~ lol ~
    Has she ever has Duck Sausage?
    No? Well, tell her to duck under the table and try? some.

  18. ludwiger Says:

    That’s called grilling, not? BBQ’ing.

  19. ghostofpaulrevere Says:

    Man, I got? my BBQ shoes on now.

  20. dwill123 Says:

    The BBQ Pit Boys are the best? thing on Youtube!!!

  21. ralbon Says:

    I… I… I love you, man! :'(?

  22. Ballowall Says:

    hahaha! you guys are awesome! ?

  23. wwwww5times Says:

    I lol’d? @ 1:05

  24. joe1969812 Says:

    What kinda beer do the Pit Boys drink while? cooking?

  25. dustparticles1 Says:

    Would you like some steak? with your gravy?


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