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Stuffed Saddle of Lamb

Posted on 19 February 2012 by admin     

Leg of lamb is a whole leg; saddle of lamb is the two loins with the hip. Leg and saddle are usually roasted, though the leg is sometimes boiled. Roasted leg and saddle may be served anywhere from rare to well-done.

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  1. rebarproductions Says:

    @Gooseman2k2? that’s what we chefs does.

  2. oqanani Says:


    Hes using? kosher salt not table salt, its not as salty

  3. 3bo0odpala Says:

    @Gooseman2k2 it’s rock salt, that IS light seasoning ?

  4. zinLim Says:

    it looks like a? peace sign o.o

  5. geekgeneration Says:

    @Gooseman2k2 yeah but rock salt like that? dissolves quickly in a hot pan and you loose maybe half of it

  6. ghidfg Says:

    what show? is this from??
    the f word??

  7. koloie Says:



  8. diffusiventity Says:

    where does he get those massive bulbs of garlic? from?!

  9. TheDave000 Says:

    GR is by far the best teacher of any of the “TV chefs” I know of. He doesn’t just show you the recipe but is full of tips and useful information to make you a better home cook in the future. I really wish he still made? TV shows like this.

    Please go back to your roots Gordon!

  10. cfranceswhite Says:

    This is really execellent, thank? you for posting this video.

  11. thufaith7 Says:

    OMG Im Only 13, But Im Sooooooo? In LOVE With His Cooking xD

  12. vandegevel1 Says:

    @Gooseman2k2 I agree there, however maybe he should explain you need to season abit extra because you loose aot of? seasoning in the pan.

  13. MrMGD92 Says:

    @ollzup I think you have a very full meal there already,but I think raost potatos? and a sauce would work or infact just boiled potatos and a sauce.

  14. ollzup Says:

    what? would you serve to the lamb? roasted potatoes?

  15. JonnyYang123 Says:

    ah so for the tying thing, he? is basically doing a slipknot

  16. stretavkaBB Says:

    holy crap…this is THE CHEFFF..?

  17. retrotw Says:

    @Gooseman2k2 becuz those coarse sea salt is not as salty as normal table salt….so if u plan to? season with ur table salt….cut what he seasons for 2/3!!

  18. tangentcarrot Says:

    Respond to this video… What show is it? from?

  19. tangentcarrot Says:

    @Gooseman2k2 When you cook a big chunk? of meat, you MUST use quite a lot of salt to enhance the meaty flavour.

  20. houston34 Says:

    what show is this please??

  21. angellover91436 Says:

    @Gooseman2k2 It’s? kosher is flakey and looks like it is huge but really isn’t.

  22. herrzorlo Says:

    the most? difficult part is the roping, for sure…

  23. check2wice Says:

    jizz in my? pants

  24. mutt0ns2w Says:

    is it me, or do those look like what you’d see looking at results of? an MRI??

    Just sayin’ looks damn tasty tho….

  25. Gouivelious Says:

    @BeardedDanishViking False, a good chef uses the correct amount of salt. Salt opens up flavor to pronounce the? flavor of what your cooking. Not so it tastes like salt.


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