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Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 26 March 2011 by admin     

Jalapeños and Chili powder provide the heat for this tomato based sweet sauce. It’s the perfect brush-on and dipping sauce for Beef, Lamb, and Pork, so be sure to check this one out. And it’s real easy to make as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. DubbleTrubbleBubble Says:


    maybe for some crunch and texture?? thats what im guessing lol

  2. beatlesfanusa Says:

    you smell that?? It smells GOOOOOOOD!

  3. javajunkie101 Says:

    Does that look good! Do you deliver? I am too sick to cook and BBQ would fix my cold. LOL

  4. sethy2004 Says:


  5. emoplato Says:

    I wonder why he doesn’t saute the peppers with the onions and garlic?

  6. lowdown3007 Says:

    now THATs a chopp’n block!

  7. davidcbates Says:

    Sweet Heet!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. chainlinkdreams Says:

    Looks good!

  9. choforito4000 Says:

    God have mercy

  10. bloomac Says:


  11. jpatton1989 Says:

    How did you learn so much about cooking and grilling?

  12. Megarexx1 Says:

    what if you want less than three cups?

  13. JimmelHappyFunTime Says:

    You guys are the Mt. Rushmore of BBQ.

  14. TheVittleVlog Says:

    That will work!!!

  15. Dannelor Says:

    I always love and always will love the location where u BBQ !! Oh, looks guuud as always !!

  16. TheNonjael Says:

    yeah the pit boys know what a good beer should taste like………………of course its a german one

  17. bsanyal1978 Says:

    “Thru the miracle of time”…hearing that after a very long time!!!!!

  18. TangoSpiceCompany Says:

    …and your gonna need some beer… the best six words in any recipe!

  19. 0zec Says:

    no infront of us.,,?

  20. CRILLER3 Says:

    @CRILLER3 those ^^

  21. CRILLER3 Says:

    shit does are MAN HANDS 😀

  22. dukinhower Says:

    Since he didn’t say it at the start, I’m not sure if its easy to do!! I’m panicking!!!

  23. HumaninSeoul Says:

    HAL-LA-PEEN-NAHS….hilarious ^_^

  24. brianmeff Says:

    Awesome like usual… I love the videos from the BBQ Pit Boys!!!

  25. multomata Says:

    thanks for this recipe!!


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