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Posted on 24 February 2011 by admin     

Curries are a fantastic way to get a good dose of fresh veg onto the dinner plate. Some curries are stewed away for ages but they don’t always have to be. This recipe turns vibrant and flavoursome ingredients like sweet potato and spinach into a true feast. Get the recipe at Like us on facebook for loads more SORTED food gossip at Check out plenty of other simple, cheap and tasty recipes in our books at

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  1. larelles1 Says:

    Protip for the raita: Add a dash of buttermilk and toast the cumin seeds then crush them before adding. It makes the flavours so much more intense! 😀

  2. SimpliztixX Says:

    that guys girly jewelry is touching all the food

  3. AmalAshoor Says:


  4. SergeCWazukie Says:

    wheres the meat?

  5. SergeCWazukie Says:

    wheres the meat?

  6. MissMaegi Says:

    @tarifen boil water, reduce to medium, put rice in water, cover, cook for 20 minutes (1 cup of rice, 1 1/2 cup water)

  7. AllthatTazz Says:

    Why do you guys only own one pot?

  8. ChloeHat Says:

    Mike seems very brooding all the time. 😛

  9. Francesca656565 Says:

    Wow, that looks sooo good!!!

  10. godserens Says:

    u guys are slow lol, good thing u know the recipe though hm

  11. hajflagler08 Says:

    I quite like the bright yellow ukulele in the back 🙂

  12. Brandonduboff Says:

    they just pulled the rice out and acted as if its been there the whole time. what kind of rice, was that even plain rice? its very very yellow

  13. sortedfood Says:

    @TheJilliamson Cook and freeze! Great idea… makes dinners in the future even easier than this recipe already is! 😀

  14. TheJilliamson Says:

    Just cooked this and had it for my dinner – it was delicious, lads! I’ve cooked a big batch for the freezer, can’t wait to have it again 🙂

  15. crystalwillow Says:

    I’m making this now 🙂

  16. sortedfood Says:

    @kitno1 haha… nope! Just where we happened to shop that week. Closest to us!

  17. kitno1 Says:

    Sponsor by Tesco?

  18. xthesharpshootersx Says:


  19. 17daisyx Says:

    not only do i love your recipe ideas, there are always hot guys in your videos <3

  20. JENNAx726 Says:

    what does mike do again?

  21. nazurawrr Says:

    His name is Mike, he does the music! :>
    Sorry, I couldnt resist it. Love you guys!

  22. Ananaspeke0312 Says:

    That looks so tasty!
    But can we do it with normal potatoes?

  23. BeckytheWeird Says:

    @sortedfood will do! xxx

  24. sortedfood Says:

    @Croga15 😀

  25. sortedfood Says:

    @BeckytheWeird Big family do! Well best of luck Becky and let us know how it goes! 😀


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