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Tamarind Chutney by ShowMeTheCurry

Posted on 20 December 2010 by admin     

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  1. TheMimi90s Says:

    human and funel seeds…wotda…

  2. shima2145 Says:

    you dont list gharam masala on your ingredients, I am confused should I add it or not?

  3. toofar2go1 Says:

    @ShowMeTheCurry mmm thnk X

  4. ShowMeTheCurry Says:

    Jaggery is a type of unrefined cane sugar. You can try brown sugar or dates.

  5. toofar2go1 Says:

    wat is jaggery??
    ay optional…..

  6. latseyesonu Says:

    you can even add little ginger and chilli pdr it goes well with it

  7. therealhardrivedave Says:

    I am in love with this show! I made this with Naan and also the lamb curry recipe and it was fantastic… It blew my family away it was sooooo good!!!

  8. ShowMeTheCurry Says:

    Yes, you can use this tamarind chutney for pani puri.

  9. aprilcalldispatch Says:

    is this something you could use for a poori? or would that be sweet tamarind chutney? is there a difference? I had pani pooris at a place called surati farsi market. The pooris were nice a crispy, and they gave us a green spicy water (pani?) and a sweet brown sauce which I’m assuming is something akin to this

  10. bindusrichandan Says:

    hi hetal n anuja,
    can u plz teach us how to make egg roll and chicken roll in indian style.

  11. ahrentzen100 Says:

    Yes, you can freeze it.

  12. ktrini1953 Says:

    take fresh tamrind peel of skin remove seed add suger salt and hot fresh pepper as much as you will like add afew grains garlic ,add water as thick as you will need your sauce blend together this is how i make my chutney no cooking try it

  13. UmmAftaab Says:

    thanks so much for that recipe !

  14. manishachadha7 Says:

    I tried this recipe but the raw flavour of tamarind paste did not go even after cooking for long.

  15. ShowMeTheCurry Says:

    Tamarind does not freeze, but you can keep it in the fridge for months and months without spoiling.

  16. sninias Says:

    Nice recipe, i just tried it today and it came out awsome. Though i used to make it before with almost the same recipe, i didnt try it for some time now.

    I have one question, can this chutney be freezed? I just made it in too much quantity which is not consumable even in two months.

    plz reply asap coz i already stored it in refrigrator..

    Congratulation on ur wonderful work.

  17. ShowMeTheCurry Says:

    We use a big grate scraper and it works really well. You can also put the block into a ziploc bag and pound it with something heavy (similar to a mortar/pestal) to crumble it.

  18. TooLooseLeTrek Says:

    The jaggery I buy comes in blocks. I’ve tried grating it with the same mini-scrapper I use for ginger. It doesn’t work so well. How do you break apart those blocks? Thanks.

  19. marinamermaid Says:

    Now that I learned all what goes into this chutney, I’ll have to try it out.

  20. AJ9211 Says:

    cool. never though of cooking it, we usually just soak in water and sieve through to get tamarind paste like you did in your sambar.

    I complained to my mum once about using sugar or jaggery, it was too sweet and diddn’t compliment. I suggested to her to try and add a date paste and this was gorgeous. now we always use dates as it gives a different kind of sweetness that works with the tamarind. and since we have even tried just a date chutney which is also fab.

  21. Imaginaryflower Says:

    yes, it works fine

  22. anjaligupta01 Says:

    u guys r wonderfull…..
    thanks for the yummy yummy chutney…
    i love it…..

  23. deadbeatdad Says:

    At the store they sell Tamarind Concentrate which is about the consistency of jam. The paste you are using seems much thicker. Do I use the concentrate straight or do I dilute it like your’e doing with the paste?

  24. jpm000001 Says:

    So this is what all the indian guys’ wives do while their husbands program all day?

  25. Prita51 Says:

    ok..thats a good tip…Will addition of lime juice prevent crystallization of sugar.I remember my mom telling me that addition of lime juce to sugar syrup tends to prevents it from crystallization…Does this work here as well or will it change the taste of the chutney?
    Thanks for your prompt reply..


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