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Tenley Whips up a Quick Tempeh Recipe with ToneItUp!

Posted on 11 March 2011 by admin     

Recipe!! Click here- Tenley whips up a quick Tempeh Recipe with us! To check out Tenley’s site go to See the printable recipe at the link above. Tempeh is a great source of protein!! Tempeh, (Indonesian), is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia. It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form, similar to a very firm vegetarian burger patty. Tempeh is unique among major traditional soy-foods. tenley molzahn tone it up tempeh tempeh recipe

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  1. StarClaudio Says:

    kay listen, you look damn good. hell alkndMSÄAAds

  2. kimmybley Says:

    so exiting that u girls eat mostly vegan because i am vegetarian but i recently found out i am lactose intolerant so kinda b defalt vegan i need to grab some good recipies off you ..
    i am also now studying fitness and loving it , you girls are one of my inspirations
    :)xo kim

  3. Rodriguez2005 Says:

    @lilacs1986 Thank you so much!!! 🙂

  4. thevansleaving Says:

    @latinita1988 Thank you for pretty much being the only person that has mentioned how bad soy products are for you. Tempeh is the exception though, since it is fermented. Tofu on the other hand is absolutely horrible for your health.

  5. auntren Says:

    I’m really interested in purchasing your diet plan. However, I am concerned about the fact that you have to download the program onto your computer. What if my computer crashes? Will I be able to access the diet plan and re-download it onto another computer? Thanks

  6. TheAbStand Says:

    You girls look great!! Can’t wait to try the recipe!


  7. lilacs1986 Says:

    @Rodriguez2005 I made this over the weekend and tried my best to calculate the calories too since I like to track my food on sparkpeople, I just got calorie count off all the ingredients and tried to divide it down to the portion I actually ate, tempeh is actually pretty filling too, I calculated my portion to be about 170 calories.

  8. Rodriguez2005 Says:

    the only thing i wish you guys could say is that how many calories are in the dish…looks good though will try 🙂

  9. CrazayDancerr Says:

    TENLEY! she was my favorite on the bachlore. 🙂

  10. Samariej Says:

    This is SOOOO good! I just made it and my mom and I love it! We are going to make a second batch to take for lunch! Another home run recipe…well done! 🙂

  11. heartmycrackberry Says:

    It’s Tenley! I wanted her to be the new Bachelorette so badly (sorry, Ally!). She just seemed so sweet and nice and I thought she deserved it much more than Ally – Ally chose to leave, but Tenley stayed and had her heart broken. She just seems like such a nice person! 😀

  12. kaylarimer Says:

    @latinita1988 hydrolyzed soy protein is the only soy product that contains MSG and other possibley harmful chemicals because the way it’s made (google hydrolyzed soy protein for more info – its a chemical process involving acid-base neutralization). This is put in many cheap processed foods and like ramen noodles and stuff to enhance the flavor, etc.

    Real soy products such as tofu, tempeh, edamame, etc. are natural products not made with chemicals and are extremely beneficial to your health.

  13. KCacousticproject Says:

    Thanks for the amazing info!!

  14. SV12341 Says:

    hi, i have been watching your videos lately and i must say, i am totally loving it..I don’t know if you can help me with my problem of totally eliminating rice in my diet, as in white rice. I ate them like twice a day with my meal. And I think this could be the reason that I have this belly i am dying to tone.It is just so hard. It is just that, I came from an asian country that rice has been a staple food in every meal. Please help.

  15. californiacation93 Says:

    With the meal plans, is the food sent to you or how does it work? Thanks!

  16. latinita1988 Says:

    guys, aren’t soy products bad for you?MSG etc.

  17. superxtina Says:

    @ToneItUpcom I’m loving the Spring Edition! The Quick & Spicy is awesome. The basic meal guide is really handy now with my new job ..still trying to figure how to get up at 5am for 30 min morning light cardio its hard enough getting up at 5:30 and out the door by 6:30 with a 4yr old 😉

  18. Thatssamy Says:

    Katrina your hair looks sooo beautiful! Did you do it with a curling iron?
    Your videos inspire me so much to stay fit and healthy. Ive lost 22 lbs and weigh around 125 now. thank you girls! :))

  19. jessicaandlauren Says:

    can you give me some tips on how to flatten your belly please?

  20. ToneItUpcom Says:

    @stace855 yes… for now, let your hair dry in a high loose bun. You can blow dry roots if you want it to be bigger. Once it’s dry, put a little seasalt in a spray bottle w/water, scrunch ends (just a little). Add a little lotion or conditioner to the tips, spray with hair spray. For a more polished look, touch up a few curls around your face by wrapping your hair around the curling iron, awayyy from your face (dont curl the ends). Shake a little and make soft. If that makes sense. -Kat

  21. ToneItUpcom Says:

    @alexsayshi5 a little boutique in town, but it’s a lot like angel!!

  22. ToneItUpcom Says:

    @superxtina NO WAY!!! Holy smokes that’s how much weight I am down (about 🙂 My top is from this little shop in Manhattan Beach. It’s a lot like the store Angel or forever21 though. I’m writing you a message. So happy you are doing so well on the plan!! How do you like the new Spring Edition!? -Kat

  23. ToneItUpcom Says:

    @love4guitar123 you can make this recipe with chicken or tofu. But the tempeh is soo yummy!!

  24. ToneItUpcom Says:

    @flutterby4242 aww thank you so much!! I actually have really bad acne!! (face, back, chest, even arsm!!) I have to control it 🙁 (this is Katrina by the way) I use Retin A. My dermatologist also told me I need an anti-inflammatory medication, but it was too pricey with my health insurance. I’ll try to find the name of it. Feel free to write me at contactATtoneitupcom. I know how it is to have skin issues 🙁 But it’s more under control right now with my retin a. xoo

  25. ToneItUpcom Says:

    @macmodel22 us too!! 🙂 She’s joining us for a ton of videos.


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