Thanksgiving Dinner Part 1, Holiday Recipes

Posted on 31 December 2010 by admin     

Max and Rebecca share tips and recipe twists to liven up your Thanksgiving menu. They’re cooking turkey, a stuffing stand-in adapted from Bon Appetit & Molly Wizenberg of Orangette, and more., http Working Class Foodies is a weekly show on the Hungry Nation network with great food, organic recipes, and affordable cooking tips. Facebook: Twitter: Website:

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  1. amsterdamlove Says:

    8 dollars????
    i spend 50 $ every day just for food

  2. amsterdamlove Says:

    8 dollars????
    i spent 50 $ every day just for food

  3. Yuffie3982 Says:

    OMG, I made the turkey today and this is the first time in my life that I have ever had a moist turkey. Thank you so much! Everyone loved it, especially the herb butter.

  4. jimmybahri Says:

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  5. ortegapatti01 Says:

    I loved your herb butter recipe and I am preparing it today for our thanksgiving dinner. Your brussel sprouts recipe looks awesome as well so I’m trying it out as well. Thank you so much. You guys make it super simple and you guys are so down-to-earth. I subscribed. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. craneywatch Says:

    no, not boring at all!

  7. craneywatch Says:


  8. KeeneBarajas Says:

    Keep worming Russian girls

  9. hoboxjohn Says:

    Would you recommend brining the turkey, if you wanted to. Also, where did you get your turkey breast? Farmers market?

  10. TheVittleVlog Says:

    Really nice…super show!!!

  11. sexydragondragdoll Says:

    i got to saw i love you guys!!! hungry nation rox!!!! thought the one turkey recipe that knocks all turkeys out of the water is my mom’s parika turkey. i look forward to that with my mash potatoes yum!!!

  12. FamousStarLBC Says:

    you guys are soooo awesome! looks like I’ll be having it good this thanksgiving! thanks :] keep up the good work

  13. MercSLRFan Says:

    What if you’re completely wrong?

  14. VOLTIS5 Says:

    very good and informative. too bad you guys talk too long and gets overly boring.

  15. pickles5456 Says:

    bacon makes everything taste better

  16. llatoya85 Says:

    Love you guys I want to can, pickle, roast….Im hungry!!

  17. MicrosoftAndrew Says:

    I can’t wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas again! My favorite time of the year. I spend a lot of time with my family. 🙂

  18. Phr33Pur3 Says:

    @mightisright Thats because the fat in the bacon is very savory and when you cook the bacon the fatty oils come out and spread in the food it actually makes the brussel sprouts taste better.

  19. mightisright Says:


    It seems like every brussel sprouts recipe I’ve seen uses bacon. Even when I’ve had it at fancy restaurants they use bacon.

  20. aGoulishtomato Says:

    No fair on the brussel sprouts recipe! Bacon is like the great equalizer of food; it makes anything taste good.

  21. 000katkatkat Says:

    awesomee! =D

  22. austinViolaboy Says:

    this is the best cooking ideas channel on youtube!! what kind of camera do you guys use?

  23. bzylizzy Says:

    really interesting, so enjoyed watching this thanks….

  24. rosanna021 Says:

    waarom zie ik dat balk niet voor de url te plakken

  25. Kari070999 Says:

    omg im cooking the sprouts right now. They smell so good


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