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The Best Mixed Drink Recipes & Body Shots : Making A “Morning Wood” Mixed Drink

Posted on 30 November 2010 by admin     

How to make a “Morning Wood” mixed drink; get expert tips on making your favorite shots, cocktails, and mixed alcoholic drinks in this free bartending video. Expert: Adam Nieman Bio: Adam Nieman has been working at the ‘All American Bird Bar and Grill’ for about a year, but he has been a bartender for over 5 years. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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  1. bcgabriot Says:

    she can suck down my morning wood any day

  2. larryrobbins20 Says:

    that girl at the end is all about that morning wood….. thumbs up if your with me

  3. mwgcubs Says:

    thats a retarded drink

  4. reaggacashtro801 Says:

    guyana music

  5. Redskizzers Says:

    after he said morning wood that akward pause made me rofl

  6. orangehatkid Says:

    she would like her morning wood =]

  7. irishpimp1001 Says:

    duh she’s a chick, lol

  8. blakey689 Says:

    i know, that would make life way better

  9. eyobg16 Says:

    i always thought of that lol in our dreams


    It would be awesome if we like wanted a drink or something to eat while we are on the computer and we see what we want, we just press a key on our keyboard and a hand comes oout from the screen with a big mac or what ever you want, YUM!

  11. joskaprdulja Says:

    yeee internet is devil !!! U can only see… I wana try…khm or drink 😛

  12. baube11 Says:

    Lawls, it so long, I guess it give a good grip on pole XD

  13. AndreCrow Says:

    whoa the chicks fingers are so thin :0
    but other than that good vid

  14. Mandark1986 Says:

    mmm lets have another. did she go to school for that.
    still looks like a good drink.

  15. hanimii Says:

    sounds delicious

  16. hogarwei Says:

    very nice recipes cocktail from expertvillage. Thanks for posting…


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