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The Cassettes World Presents: The Snakebite

Posted on 02 January 2011 by admin | How to make the exclusive drink, the snakebite, featuring music from the Cassettes.

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  1. evilethics Says:

    ahh isNINt that caLLed a black_and_tan?


    funny dudes



  2. wordtravelsfast Says:

    I can fill you in…
    just sent a message on myspace…

  3. TheCassettesWorld Says:

    How does one get such a thing on Arlington Independent Media?

  4. wordtravelsfast Says:

    Great Video! We should get these on Arlington Independent Media!!

    ps. I thought a snakebite was half cider half lager, and the half stout, half cider is considered a “poor man’s black velvet” (with the cider taking place of champagne?!) 😉

  5. RNPortalLord Says:

    Help me defeat U2 in the gameshow “Which Song Do You Prefer?” (it’s the vid above with the Max Headroom wannabe). The Rusty Nails desperately need your help!

  6. RNPortalLord Says:

    It’s the cure! The CURE!!! Nice Vid fellas. Was Bill in “Twin Peaks” by chance?


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