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The Margarita Machine

Posted on 10 January 2011 by admin     

Watch a dumb add for a margarita machine.

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  1. redsoxfan730 Says:

    is this duckham?

  2. alx2nC Says:

    this is the most retarted video on earth but its also kinda funny

  3. LavenderRocks11 Says:

    my cousin knows u so…yea he is awesome…he lives in massachussets., Newton

  4. venomrider9 Says:

    u guys are homos

  5. rachelrach3 Says:


  6. tvlover809 Says:


  7. rachelrach3 Says:

    u guys r really funny

  8. tvlover809 Says:

    omg i love u guys!!! hilarious!

  9. jdog42293 Says:


  10. sportzboy73 Says:

    pretty funny

  11. WildTurkeyProduction Says:


  12. ifoundnemo999 Says:

    HAHA! I LOVE YOU GUYS! ((p.s;; not really peruvian,, fyi!))

  13. KurtSahib Says:

    I don’t know who these Peruvians are – but this cracked my ass up.
    I thought titties weren’t allowed on YouTube?

  14. eanselksk8ur Says:

    dude funny watchin this at zachs…. u kinda gotta know who these ppl r to think its funny

  15. jdog42293 Says:



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