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The Most Amazing Rib Recipe Ever

Posted on 15 March 2012 by admin     

Chef Richard Ingraham teams up with Goya to create the most amazing rib recipe ever! Check it out for yourself! If you make the ribs snap a picture and tweet it to me! @josenbcmiami Here are the ingredients: Smoked Ribs Ingredients: 3 slabs baby back ribs (cleaned) 2c Mojo (Goya) 1/2c yellow mustard Dry Rub Ingredients: 1/4c brown sugar (Goya) 1Tbs curry powder (Goya) 2Tbs smoked paprika (Goya) 3Tbs creole seasoning 1Tbs lemon pepper (Goya) Soaked wood chips (optional) Champagne and Apricot BBQ Sauce Ingredients: 1/4c unsalted butter 1tsp fresh ginger minced 4 garlic cloves minced 1c Champagne Cola (Goya) 1/2c Worcestershire sauce 1 1/2c brown sugar (Goya) 1c Apricot Nectar (Goya) 1/2c cider vinegar ( Goya) 2tsp balsamic vinegar 3Tbs yellow mustard 2tsp nutmeg (Goya) 1tsp onion powder (Goya) 2tsp garlic salt (Goya) 1tsp red pepper flake (Goya) Smoked Ribs Method: Remove the skin from ribs and clean well. In a medium bowl, combine mustard and Goya Mojo. In a separate bowl, combine all the dry ingredients to create a dry rub. Massage Mustard mixture onto the ribs on both sides until well coated. Next, apply the dry rub in the same manner until a paste forms. Place ribs in a container or plastic bag and refrigerate for 24hrs. Remove ribs from the refrigerator and allow it come down to room temperature Wrap soaked wood chips in heavy duty foil and poke holes in it to release the smoke. Meanwhile, set up the grill for indirect heat by turning on half the grill. Then placing

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