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The Perfect – Pesto

Posted on 24 December 2011 by admin     

Nothing is more perfect according to the Tablehopper than Farina’s mandilli al pesto, presented here by Chef Paolo Laboa. Want to see more perfect preparations? Check out The Perfect show page for more of what we think is great: For more recipes, stories and videos, check out CHOW on Twitter: CHOW on Facebook: ========================================================

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. bobwatters Says:

    2:05 what was he adding? looked like parmesan cheese.

    this? looks good as hell! i wanna try it now!

  2. iPhTx3 Says:

    Comfort food shouldn’t be this healthy…. Basil with crushed nuts on homemade pasta? Comfort food generally is creamy and buttery with tons of fatty over processed deliciousness.

    Props to the chef on making something delicious without? butter, masses of cheese, or bacon/meat.

  3. shk123 Says:

    Looks more? like a vomit on a plate

  4. lordmagicpants Says:

    I’d check? out her gentle folds

  5. alkalinesix Says:

    i just made a fettuccine with pesto? sauce for breakfast and its really2 wonderful

  6. preppychrisbou Says:

    That dish looks? beautiful!

  7. LazyarnTumblr Says:

    That woman? is a serious fan of the food.

  8. Shanongao Says:

    what? no garlic or lemon juice

  9. Shanongao Says:

    what? no garlic

  10. TheBill2468 Says:

    The Besto Pesto !!!?

  11. amerreda44 Says:

    @kawaiipapillon? Genova.. a province in italy. Not genovia 😛

  12. TacoBoyManThing Says:

    @telescopereplicator how is using more than 3-4 ingredients being a? show off?

  13. ItsYijuBear Says:

    @chrismclamore dude cool your tits! haha its a youtube video about PESTO, not your nomination for the nobel prize. legit. stop hating on? people.

  14. kawaiipapillon Says:

    did he? say he was from genovia?? like in princess diaries?

  15. BlueBajs Says:

    @chrismclamore Sweden is? one of the best educated countries in Europe when it comes to English
    Also, this is an American website, why the hell would I speak Swedish here?

  16. chrismclamore Says:

    @chefkoo Are you a cook? Or a gardner? Because you seem to know nothing about Basil… It can,? and DOES oxidize. Also, an electron can only be destroyed by Electron-Positron annihilation. So not big on science either…

  17. chrismclamore Says:

    @BlueBajs Then type your comments in Swedish. My point is, use it properly, or be prepared to be corrected occasionally, and take it as a learning experience… ?

  18. chefkoo Says:

    @chrismclamore I never said it oxidizes either. As for the color, chopping or crushing or anything doesn’t oxidize the basil. Basil is un-oxidizable. When you tear the fibers of many vegetable it becomes dark. This isn’t oxidization. Oxidization is? when air reacts with the flesh of the plant and destroys the electrons. Basil, having no flesh, doesn’t oxidize.

  19. BlueBajs Says:

    @chrismclamore Not really, why would I?

    Also, the language I speak natively (Swedish)? uses a completely different grammar and I can speak that properly

  20. chrismclamore Says:

    @BlueBajs It does not have to be, if I? were to respond to something in another language it would just be respectful for me to use it properly, however, grammar is a problem in all languages, not just English.

  21. chrismclamore Says:

    @chefkoo He never said pesto oxidizes he said basil does, and they cut out a section of this tape, he says to tear the leaves instead of chopping them, because chopping them makes them more oxidized. Also, a mortar creates? friction. The change in color comes from breaking the cell walls when chopping or cutting, regardless of friction. One last thing to realize, the light color is also due to the light color of the nuts.

  22. BlueBajs Says:

    @chrismclamore Because english? is my first language

  23. chrismclamore Says:

    @BlueBajs that you respond WELL to. Pick up a grammar booklet on your way to the fast food restaurant you’re headed to for your next helping of “just fucking food”.?

  24. lonelymarker Says:

    No, no? you don’t “literally” eat it with your eyes. Stop destroying our language.

  25. r3b3l1n Says:



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