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The Recipe – Trailer

Posted on 14 July 2011 by admin     

Shooting is completed and we are now in post production. Thank you to everyone who helped out! Below is a trailer, keep an eye out for the finished product! This new short by Alaric Rocha is a Twilight Zone-esc story about a man looking for the “perfect” pizza, his mother’s recipe to be exact. Only his idea of perfection is a fantasy. He not only wants the pizza, but to relive the experiences of his youth. He is visited by a unique Pizza Delivery Girl who offers him not only the recipe, but also her services as a chef. She insists the pizza will taste just like his mother’s and he will also relive the emotions and experiences of his youth, while the pizza lasts, exactly as they were. Things may not have been as “perfect” as he remembers.

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  1. marijaarijam Says:

    how is the movie like?


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