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Til Burfi (Sesame Seed Treats) Indian Recipe by Manjula

Posted on 23 May 2011 by admin     

Learn how to make Til Ki Burfi (Sesame Seed Treats) Recipe by Manjula View full recipe at

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  1. Manjulaskitchen Says:

    @jakalii This can stay out for atleast one week or more.

  2. angenlois Says:

    another blockbuster:)

  3. jakalii Says:

    it’s all milk so u should keep it in the fridge or what?

  4. greniocracy Says:

    Hello Manjula,
    how fat in percent (%) your heavy cream is?
    Is milk powder necessary in this recipe? It is the coagulation matter?
    Can I use some other milk powder substitute?

  5. arabbint Says:

    they look very nice carn`t wait ti try this recipe 🙂

  6. oKeegan Says:

    yum yum

  7. wontonga Says:

    Wonderful Manjula!
    Once again you have taught us well!!!
    Bless you!

  8. rybpo7 Says:

    Hello Auntie. Thanks for showing how to do this! You remind me of my Mom, even though she was of German descent. She passed away five years ago. I miss her so much, but when I watch your videos it’s like I get a little bit of her back. Love you!

  9. culinarymajik Says:

    Lovely treat recipe, Manjula. Thank you so much!

  10. SGmom2 Says:

    @esprima No, everything is NOT healthy but this sure looks good.

  11. simpsonstewie Says:

    @adamatova the sesame seeds are the healthy part. compared to things like snickers and m&m’s this is much healthier

  12. cheskydivision Says:

    Oh this looks so good… sesame candies are my favorite so I know i will love this.

  13. greniocracy Says:

    Til Burfi is lovely. Thank you very much. A quite amazing thing is that I was thinking of making something with seasame seeds :-), and now I have a reason to buy a bulk one 😀 Manjula, thanks! Your work, and guidance is very precious to us!

  14. BrickRoux Says:

    This looks delicious! Thank you for another wonderful recipe!

  15. jaakizamazin Says:

    Is this similar to Arabic halva sesame seed candy?

  16. tikipundit Says:

    I agree with @lemueltay; the lighting, video and audio are all competent. That helps us focus on the recipe and cooking.

  17. lemueltay Says:

    Congratulations to you for a wonderful recipe and presentation style, as always. Your husband should also be complimented for the great lighting, clear camera-work, higher resolution and wide-screen presentation. Here’s to a new landmark in your culinary presentations!

  18. overthera1nbow Says:

    Thank you for a nice and simple recipe, I really like burfis. Once I tried an Indian sweet and fell in love with them, because they taste divine. I attempted to make a semolina burfi with pistachios and saffron and it came out good=) I wish I could know if there’s an authentic recipe for semolina burfis.

  19. dreamer19990 Says:

    seems like quite a bit of sugar. is it possible to use a little less sugar without comprimising on the end result? =o

  20. Naedyn Says:

    this seems do-able at home, thanks for the recipe and video!

  21. ilikethewok Says:

    Looks so mouthwatering!! Thx so much for this recipe Manjula.

  22. SunshineKath Says:

    @adamtova: It’s a treat, meant to be eaten one of two small pieces. That’s why the pieces are so little. Nothing unhealthy in that. @ AnnieNM06: I AGREE!! Manjula is such a gem. Manjula: Thanks again for another wonderful culinary creation! You are wonderful. I love watching your videos, and am a big fan!

  23. Xiia0Sn00pY Says:

    lovely! i might try this!

  24. esprima Says:

    @adamatova everything is healthy if you eat it in moderation ;))

  25. adamatova Says:

    Heavy cream, milk, sugar – how is that healthy?


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