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Posted on 29 July 2011 by admin     

A step by step recipe video by professional Chef on how to make the classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu.

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  1. emoneyblue Says:

    Nice job! Thanks for sharing…

  2. kcrom18 Says:

    best recipe for tiramisu!

  3. chefspencil Says:

    @TheLAZP Not sure anymore, bought it a couple years ago online from an independent producer that sells royalty free tunes. Good luck.

  4. harinome Says:

    U need to make more video~ Such a very job!!

  5. TheLAZP Says:

    good job!! question: i know it’s not kinda related to the recipe lols… but what is the tittle of the music being played?

  6. chefspencil Says:

    Very happy to hear we were able to help make your mother’s day enjoyable!

  7. TheIronhide34 Says:

    If have to thank you guys for this amazing recipe. You helped me make Mother’s Day that much better! Thanks again.

  8. julienarle Says:

    Yes we CAN

  9. Wilson1592 Says:

    @alex00ify Because tiramisu doesn’t have cinnamon? Ever.

  10. chefspencil Says:

    @puk6 No the cream is not cooked in any way. Our twitter address is: @chefspencil

  11. puk6 Says:

    thanks. this cream does not need to cook tiramisu? And the other cuestion; if u have account in twitter 🙂

  12. chefspencil Says:

    @leefuji You make it in an espresso machine. If you do not have one, you can simply brew a very strong pot of coffee or even use instant.

  13. chefspencil Says:

    @taintofshadow No the 6 large eggs would not have caused the problem. It is key that all your ingredients are fresh. Particularly the eggs and cream. Perhaps your mascarpone was softer than ours? Keep trying and feel free to tweak the recipe and make it in a way that works best for you.

  14. chefspencil Says:

    @puk6 The cream is pouring cream also called fresh cream and in North America: “whipping cream”. Not sure about the second part of your question?

  15. chefspencil Says:

    @alex00ify Personal choice. Feel free to get creative though. Cocoa, grated chocolate, chopped nuts, the options are limited only by your imagination.

  16. chefspencil Says:

    @MissOctober22 Not sure why, but it is key that all your ingredients are fresh. Particularly the eggs and cream. Perhaps your mascarpone was softer than ours?

  17. chefspencil Says:

    @31Kathy13 Not really. Without mascarpone it ceases to really be Tiramisu.

  18. leefuji Says:

    @chefspencil how do you get the liquid espresso ? is it a powder that can be purchased and mixed ?

  19. 31Kathy13 Says:



  20. MissOctober22 Says:

    very nice! i just made some last night. My final cream product wasn’t thick like yours. It was runny but i continued on anyways. It turned out really good but could you explain why my cream was runny and urs was thick?? TY!

  21. alex00ify Says:

    Why you dont put cinamon on top!? Nice video i love tiramisú!

  22. puk6 Says:

    how much sugar white eggs? tnx my twit is @Shhhelyta

  23. puk6 Says:

    hello, the cream is sour or heavy cream is? carries as much sugar and eggs Yolks

  24. starlounger Says:

    @BloodyGaaraOfSand No just use grocery store (pasteurized) eggs and you should be fine. Also the fresher the better.

  25. starlounger Says:

    @throndor77 I’m not a professional but this recipe came out perfect. Perhaps you should give it a second try (it’s really worth it). I know he says “about 2 minutes”, but he’s using a really nice mixer (I have a crappy old hand mixer that’s not nearly as fast). Just be more concerned with trying to get the right consistency over how much time it takes. Also usually the fresher the egg the better, and standard size is usually large size, in case you used extra large. Good luck!


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