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Toys in the Kitchen #2

Posted on 08 June 2012 by admin     

Jack shows you the latest toys he has added to his kitchen. Be sure to post any food pictures on

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  1. numskull444 Says:

    this? kichen is lacking of women

  2. MsSweetaddict Says:

    Shaking and? twisting salt and pepper shakers are too much work!!! LMAO =)

  3. LovedinQuebec Says:

    I also got the salt/pepper cracker, they sell them at Canadian Tire up here. Awesome little toy, but just like MattDQC, mine broke within a couple weeks. The lever you squeeze broke on my salt side, which made it impossible to grind anymore salt with it. The pepper side, the top of it broke when I tried to refill? it.
    I am still looking for a decent salt/pepper grinder set that doesn’t cost like 50$+.

  4. MattDQC Says:

    I had the salt/pepper cracker, it’s a really nice gadget but it breaks way too easily. The first one broke one day (a few weeks after purchase). I thought I? had done something wrong so I bought another and that one broke that same week. Too bad because it’s a great idea.

  5. MrDip02 Says:

    and another thing clearly? these videos are only about 5 minuts of parts of his days you spend more than 5 minuts a doing things

  6. MrDip02 Says:

    unkless he works out then he is not but? if he just sits around and does nothing which i don’t know then he would but you have no room to talk since you look like you NEVER see sun and can brake your hip just tripping since you look so brittle of course everyone is fat compared to you since you look like you weight less than 100 pounds

  7. snupers Says:

    Dude if he had muscles, he would be working out, and he obviously isnt working out because he is so fucking fat?

  8. MrDip02 Says:

    if you had to see muscle to have muscle barely anyone? would be able to lift anything

  9. snupers Says:

    Dude look at him, how can you call that muscles? he is fat? as fuck

  10. MrDip02 Says:

    no i’m not you would not know look at the heavy he looks like jack and if? he was not such a stupid fuck he is the strongest on the team

  11. snupers Says:

    Muscles? you have to be? kidding me

  12. MrDip02 Says:

    you’re really stupid there ia a huge difference between unhealthy over weight and just a big buff? guy he is natural big and has a LOT of muscles

  13. snupers Says:

    Jack, its unhealthy to be overweight and fat, you need to loose weight before? you get problems

  14. mattmax11 Says:

    do you ship to? canada

  15. jstyledipset Says:

    Do you ship to Canada? Its really close to? US

  16. Ra1n1337 Says:

    This sounds like a porno :/?

  17. TheWillcad Says:

    Great items, Jack. I? particularly like the salt and pepper things and the silicone scoop.

    Next time you do one of these, however, please show each one in action.

  18. TheFunkymonkey824 Says:

    Cool? items!


    i want the silicone ring for my cheese cakes and i want the salt and pepper squeezers.where can these 2 items? be purchased at?


    spelled with “K’s”,from? alabama,hmmmmm?

  21. Melisa10203 Says:

    couldn’t you? cut cookies with the straight edge kiuck kut…thingy???

  22. Blurgle3 Says:

    amazondotca doesn’t? seem to have them under that search, and .com doesn’t ship to Canada. Thanks anyway

  23. Willow71MM Says:

    I would have enjoyed seeing the scoopy-thing? in action.


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