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Turkey with Stuffing and Wild Turkey Gravy by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 04 November 2010 by admin     

Roast Turkey with all the fixin’s don’t get any better than this. Try this easy to do BBQ Pit Boys Turkey Roast recipe with Giblet Stuffing and Wild Turkey Gravy on the grill. This holiday feast is a favorite here at the Pit.

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  1. shamaliification Says:

    You talk to her we translate

  2. lbrtchang Says:

    what a wonderfull of life

  3. yuancismargeri Says:

    the food is amazing, Im a bit scared about the knife, just me lol
    & how much would a grill like that cost?

  4. fireman336748 Says:

    Man, I love you guys, but when you spun that pan around at 10:20 to keep the heating even and then rolled the turkey to put the breast side up the same side was now facing the heat again. I dont care, You guys are still the greatest !!!!!!

  5. scarrabri Says:

    lol if i was not in the uk i would come for dinner, brilliant ,makes the brits look like they are boiling there socks when they bbq ,best wishes Brian

  6. alutacontinual Says:

    bbq pit boys great presentation, gonna try your method. MAN. that looks really good!!

  7. xxxdatxxx Says:

    this is diet-friendly ?y? 🙂

  8. ieatmidget Says:

    I could eat that whole turkey in one sitting. Looks so damn good.

  9. HollywoodHPG Says:

    TURKEY turkiye xd

  10. johnnybagofdonets Says:

    Don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving or a holiday to cook a (frozen) turkey. Who wants to lite the oven in the house anyway? No brainer, just call the butcher and pick up a “fresh bird”, while in transit make a special stop for the wild gravy mix, then lite the bbq, Gobble, Gobble…

  11. MrDeerMeat Says:

    No question about it – that is a killer recipe
    Hay Hank – That is an OLd Hickory – good carbon steel – it’ll take a good edge…why not take it to the stone once in a while – look like ur cutting that vulture with an axe!

  12. ikonik69 Says:

    All I can say that these boys are really good in what they do. I’ve tired their recipes in past and remained undisputed in family cook outs. I been crowned by friends and family as a pit master. I turely take them as my GURU.

  13. WaRr10rP03t Says:

    i think im going to try this just minus the stuffing

  14. chuckwier Says:

    “the neighbors are just about ready to climb the fence” I love this guy

  15. hematelkady2006 Says:

    this is eye candy … im freakin hungry

  16. MrWeezyfbabynohomo Says:

    giblet is a pokemon

  17. 78k5 Says:

    The term “Giblet” can aslo be used to gain the attention, or express your intent to others,

    Example= “Hey get over here you little Giblet!”


    Your going to pay for that you filthy Giblet!”

  18. brandonou812 Says:

    great video

  19. TheBrainchildGroup Says:

    Awesome video! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  20. kevin15664 Says:

    guts, basicly, good guts

  21. kevin15664 Says:

    “whatever, it works” lol i like this guy

  22. xover007 Says:

    Amazing…Simply amazing.

  23. williamjayking Says:

    you guys are my hero’s

  24. AXHEJAZ Says:

    “Giblets,” which can be pronounced either as “JIBB-letz” or “GIBB-letz,” is a culinary term used to refer to the internal organs of poultry carcasses — namely, the heart, liver, and gizzard. The origin of the word comes from gibier, which is the Old French word for “game.”

  25. TheChosenRed Says:

    Aslong as watching these legends work magic with the BBQ, I also enjoy the “Man, you smell that….it smell GOOD” and the “Gonna have to apologise but Ima eat some right in front of ya….MMMHMMMMM”…Thumbs up!!


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