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VAT19: Auto Safety Master Opener – Product Review

Posted on 18 June 2012 by admin     

Jack tests out a 5 in 1 opener. His favorite new site is Be sure to “like” jack’s show page http

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  1. MrCurdflappers Says:

    Vat19 is a? boss

  2. kyleiosnow Says:

    blue moon bottles are twist? top

  3. iitzJason Says:

    i think a lot of people have? ..

  4. TheDiwanShantwain Says:

    or use your fingers?

  5. XJonathasX Says:

    someone ,? send one for brazil for me *———*

  6. dragonoffire1000 Says:


  7. dragonoffire1000 Says:

    well before i knew you?

  8. dragonoffire1000 Says:

    i love vat 19 i found about it on youtube before? you

  9. omgcat2679 Says:

    like if? you subscribed

  10. BlueDragon2196 Says:

    I wish my can opener worked like that? XD

  11. bluejamv Says:

    lets? go vat19

  12. softball90876 Says:

    Seems like the can opener is a? waste its much easier to just use a normal one with a magnet to pull off the top.

  13. oliviayc12345 Says:

    You should do the garlic grater from vat19 to compare the one you bought for 25 dollars its much easier and it claims? to clean your hands so yah

  14. ZPBombs Says:

    Epic fail at? the last can

  15. traxit100 Says: is? the best

  16. azazaz206 Says:


  17. timsaurusrex Says:

    NO! It’s? doooooooooooot com!

  18. SiuLaiFL Says: is the best!!?

  19. xXHunterWolfXx Says:


  20. Ellecyehc26 Says:

    VAT19? ftw

  21. nightmike64 Says:

    dot? com

  22. MrmarioRBLX Says:

    yes it? is, i successfully recieved my first order (Strawz)

  23. goo6 Says:

    Why do you have a washer and dryer? in your kitchen?

  24. cyberdiv3 Says:

    I LOVE VAT19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  25. wang78739 Says:

    if the bottle cap is too tight,? the tool becomes a pivot and it will be easier to open


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