Video Bartending Guide : Virgin Pina Colada Recipe – Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Posted on 06 November 2010 by admin     

How to Make a Virgin Pina Colada – Recipe and Ingredients Expert: Cool River Cafe Contact: Bio: Located in Austin, Texas, the “Live Music Capital of the World” and home to world-famous Sixth Street, Cool River Cafe has been one of the city’s premiere dining destinations.

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  1. PLACKO3718 Says:

    To grab this mp3 goto audofier doht cohm.

  2. all4wishbones Says:

    nice html code in the captions ya fucl<

  3. TheRaemoney Says:


  5. StrongDadGh Says:

    lol virgin… add a triple shot of white captain moe and ill drink er

  6. MKroX2202 Says:

    no, actually anything drink that has the word “virgin” means that the person ordering hasn’t gotten laid yet (sarcasm)!!!!

  7. alovesGod24 Says:

    bring me two pina coladas I gotta have 1 for each hand lets all set sail with captian morgan and will never leave dry land. and troubles I forgot um I beried um in the sand so bring me 2 pina coladas and say good bye to your good time at land

  8. gemgerm Says:

    wow this easy?!

  9. guywholovesmovies Says:

    This is a virgin pina colada, so there’s no rum. And most chain restaurants/bars like this don’t serve fresh fruit in their frozen drinks, unfortunately.

  10. bla7091 Says:

    Sometimes it’s nice to add a lil Malibu coconut rum or more pieces of pineapple

    But it’s so simple for a great taste

  11. itneverbeentome Says:

    yeah lime juice!

  12. WondrousWoman Says:

    @dabu102 yes

  13. ThatBrownChic Says:

    wow its THAT easy for THAT taste?? WOW i used to go out and buy them but now ill start making my own LOL

  14. wss355 Says:

    yes any drink with virgin in front of it is non acohaulic

  15. dabu102 Says:

    does that mean that a virgin margarita is non alcoholic as well?

  16. kbal89 Says:

    aporto le falto la pisca de canela molida pero d etodos modos muy bien!!* kbal89…

  17. torober85 Says:

    traduccion por favor

  18. neffyiffy Says:

    What?! no way, something SO delicious was this easy to make all along??! if only i would have known…now i need to go buy myself a blender =)

  19. xDisRazyboix Says:

    yah what zannabbyx123 said. If it’s a virgin drink anyone could drink it. But if it’s not a virgin drink then don’t. Plus can’t you guys read that he used pinapple juice, lime juice, cream coconut and ice. Do you see any liquor ingredients then its okay. Plus it tastes great I tried a virgin one and it showed me the world of a new taste. Better then soda pop.

  20. moutouc Says:

    in the last one did he put lime juice!!??

  21. sasomajeric Says:

    coconut kiss has grandine as toping and it gives it great colour

  22. zannabbyx123 Says:

    It’s a virgin Pina Colada which means it has no alcohol so it’s safe for you youngsters.

  23. dayedj803 Says:

    yea me too im also 12 but is it safe for me to drink this??

  24. chareeda719 Says:

    im only 12…. can i drink this?!?!?!

  25. HeartlessArchAngel69 Says:

    you can, but cream gives it a stronger coconut taste than coconut milk!

  26. PeruvianCulture Says:

    he should use real pineapple instead


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