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Video Recipe: Green Beans

Posted on 25 September 2011 by admin     

Visit to get the written recipe for this video. Chef Keith Snow makes delicious fresh grean beans with onions and cream.

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  1. keithsnow Says:

    ha…that has been there for over a year….will change that thanks


  2. MissPickles1 Says:

    GREEN, not grean. Check your spelling on the post, Mr. Snow. Yummy otherwise!

  3. llamascancook Says:

    thats what im having tonight…home made mac my mom makes…might be expensive but its worth more than its weight in gold taste-wise! 🙂

  4. Dylanthepyro Says:

    if you guys like good salts, my favorite sesoning salt is called “Crazy Salt” it makes anything taste good if it a little bland.

  5. mskerripa Says:

    great recipe

  6. padude64 Says:

    I added bacon bits and man!

  7. xxxx7706 Says:

    I am commenting on your Macaroni and Cheese video because comments were disabled….Box of Macaroni & Cheese from the store…$1….price of your way of making it…approximately $21.00…That did look good though but realize there are people who can’t afford to prepare 20 dollar mac n cheese.

  8. christy406 Says:

    great recipe

  9. mskerripa Says:

    i am going to try this !!

  10. WebonyangelW Says:

    . . . You made an actual VIDEO on how to make Green Beans???

  11. Orangigi Says:

    I found the flavour a little bland, despite the flavourful stock I added. A little garlic makes it a lot tastier.


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