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Viewer’s Choice – ripoff recipes

Posted on 07 May 2012 by admin     

pick which ripoff recipe you want me to make next. Vote down below. be sure to order Jack’s sauces and new BBQ aprons at:

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24 Comments For This Post

  1. whatever13371337 Says:

    red lobster

  2. bajskorv1129 Says:


  3. gigglechick365 Says:

    They all sound soo? amazing!!! 😀

  4. 900hardyboy Says:

    where in canada 😀 do you? know what a grecco donair is 😀

  5. lilniponji Says:


  6. k3nnypf Says:

    CPK? please 😀

  7. kwaku gbordzi Says:

    my mom works at boston m?

  8. theleroygamer Says:

    CPK FTW?

  9. ThePSPfreak99 Says:

    And their pizzas are not the best but they are ok, Right? Jack?

  10. realdenni199 Says:

    Definantly the? pizza place

  11. acvproductions Says:

    Red Lobster!?

  12. gabthang8 Says:

    california pizza because? you can find a red lobster or boston market like anywhere and buy those things

  13. themarkruffalo Says:

    Red Lobster has been done a million times. Boston Market would be cutting up veggies and? mixing them in a bowl…not really entertaining. I’d say go with the California Pizza Kitchen…at least that is a meal and not a side.

  14. bigpango1 Says:

    Red lobster!?

  15. luvmyboxr2 Says:

    Red Lobster? please

  16. BarrockYomamma2010 Says:


  17. whisper9140 Says:

    Red Lobster Biscuits OF COURSE?

  18. benjamings Says:

    Red Lobster?

  19. choco1154 Says:

    red? lobster!

  20. supermigit999 Says:

    red? lobster

  21. MakeMyFriendsFat Says:

    All 3!!?

  22. dylankate1 Says:

    red lobster cheddar biscuits ?

  23. 314collective Says:


  24. fatgirl98 Says:

    red? lobster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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