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Vodka Cream Sauce with Veggies Recipe

Posted on 11 August 2011 by admin     

Yay! Recipe tag! I also show how to make my “signature” version of caprese. I tag anyone who wants to do this… but namely Stavroula, Priscilla and Robyn! I was tagged by Pam 🙂 Blog:

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  1. guitarsoloist07 Says:

    @BrittaniMacD LOL this recipe kinda sucked a little. I may try it again and reupload because this one didn’t thicken up right, even with flour. I think 1/2 cup of vodka is more appropriate, too… though you may want a cup… or two… 😉

  2. BrittaniMacD Says:

    You had me at vodka LOL

  3. krzyprisd88 Says:

    OMG that looks delish Wendy!!! I’m gonna have to watch it again at home so I can make it at my house =)


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