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Vodka Lime Chicken recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 12 July 2011 by admin     

The BBQ Pit Boys marinate a couple of yard birds, spit roast them over a medium fire and then serve them them up with some classic sides.

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  1. jrose2020 Says:

    Do you pour the vodka in the Bird or around it? thanks

  2. korn74 Says:

    Mean birds they are.

  3. WilliamGruff Says:

    PS: What is that mellow, bassy, twangy tune?

  4. WilliamGruff Says:

    Can you FedEx those birds to me?

  5. DuudysStyle Says:

    @12KX21 who cares bastard, it still magic o.o

  6. strongyang Says:

    the intro sounds gay

  7. eyeofexistence Says:

    sweeeeet cooking

  8. Nandez18 Says:


  9. 12KX21 Says:

    @DuudysStyle there was no lemon! lol it’s a lime.

  10. tvchris1 Says:

    I’m starving.

  11. akmeximo Says:

    pitmaster privelage!! <3 it!!

  12. lastvaquero Says:

    These guys have so much class, it’s awesome ;D

  13. gayle2020 Says:

    @manolo578 ha ha ha ha

  14. Rachagol Says:

    That’s how real food looks like!!! MAX RESPECT BBQ PITBOYS!!!

  15. Khethelo1 Says:

    I like the guys voice.

  16. omfgroflma0 Says:

    half chicken per serving, oh america

  17. manolo578 Says:

    @Jeffmtbr I actually thought he was a mute and thats why the videos are the way they are. I did feel a slight pang of sympathy for a bit, truthfully.

  18. Marice91 Says:

    I love the miracle of time. So much. ?

  19. PIRAKAS666 Says:

    i find this video not that difficult to masturbate to

  20. FonyFox Says:

    @BarbecueWeb Could prepare the chicken in the oven, too?

  21. Jeffmtbr Says:

    @manolo578 Ok I’m playing games, I admit it. But you probably felt bad for at least a couple of seconds.

  22. fppgames Says:

    Sk?d on wzio? Sobieskiego? 😀

  23. jlac2xmglock Says:

    I’m proud to say that I finally own a official BBQ pit boys T-shirt.

    This vid proves it all, thanks pit boys.

  24. BigDH28 Says:

    YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! But i can honestly never watch your videos when im hungry, So I wait and save them till dinner time! Hehehe!

  25. RandomThingsTV11 Says:

    The entire time when i was watching this i kept hearing my stomach growling at me!!!


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