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Whiskey Burger Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 01 November 2010 by admin     

Adding some of that sour mash Tennessee sippin’ whiskey that was aged in charcoal charred oak barrels to your fresh ground chuck hamburger makes for some real good eatin’, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys!

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  1. eduartito001 Says:

    Jesus Christ that looks good.

  2. sourcemaster Says:

    @dsstony seared

  3. zerocartmen123 Says:

    throw in a chump of chup l0l…

  4. ericmsmith20 Says:

    u want some burger with ur onion sir?

  5. TGASN Says:

    Your voice alone sounds like bbq porn.. yeehaa…

  6. dsstony Says:

    how dose the meat stay together the guy dident add bread crumbs and an egg

  7. gromann Says:

    how wasnt there smoked bacon on those burgers X_X

  8. chainlinkdreams Says:

    menu name should be “Jack-in-the-bun”!

  9. chris69666 Says:

    @jcbrowns yeah I was wondering about that myself it looks a little thick and raw, also bare in mind this is probably a sweet onion, but I guess its down to taste, I’d probably have a slice half that width.

  10. gregggggg28 Says:

    2.16 – 2.19 😀

  11. BurningTirez Says:

    yeah a shots really a waste..

  12. bullsnutsoz Says:

    @jcbrown that is a sweet onion and it would only add to the flavor

  13. faidley79 Says:

    shit seriously…drink your whiskey while bbq-ing, dont waste it in the meat

  14. MegaAmycakes Says:

    This guy cracks me up with his,”Throw on the chup.”

  15. vicel1982 Says:

    i strongly object to this video. i find it incredibly rude of the guy to eat that big `ol whiskeyburger right in front of me

  16. jcbrowns Says:

    I love onions, but that is too thick. It’s thicker than the burger. I want to taste the burger with the onion as a compliment to it.

  17. darkzianz Says:

    ahahaha love it

  18. KhmerD0g Says:

    meat is the man’s food.

  19. chodon6868 Says:

    @greendaddy101 Ahahaha

  20. keyfob Says:

    Thaks for the Recipe! I just made some and it came out Guud!

  21. greendaddy101 Says:

    a little pitmaster privledge…lol

  22. OvalVW Says:

    He didn’t say “whiskey sheer”it was more like “wister sheer”, it’s one of the many, many ways worcestershire is often pronounced.

  23. TSmirk Says:

    He didn’t toast the bun !?

  24. 5LAMPO7 Says:

    Aw goddam,ive just bitten threw my shoe,again,that is a well cool burger,cheers from the U.K

  25. manicobsession Says:

    Those look pretty good, but I don’t know if they’re as good as mine 😉


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