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Whiskey Glazed Smoked Ham by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 18 January 2012 by admin     

This whole ham done on the grill is as good as it gets. Learn how easy it is to make a tender and moist “all holiday” Whiskey Glazed Smoked Ham for your next special occasion barbeque.

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  1. 117Burn Says:

    how does the fire? burn for so long ? O.o

  2. colbysjake Says:

    apparantly uve never had one

  3. KatiushaVN4 Says:

    the ham has been already smoked in? the warehouse. Why bother re-smoking it again then?? No point

  4. noelpattern Says:

    absoutley beautiful?

  5. mgrabrick1 Says:

    This is my second year doing this. But instead of a cured ham, I have gotten an 18lb pork leg and have done it the? same way as in the video. It takes me 12 hours, but tons of flavor and makes great sandwiches with leftovers.

  6. cmartinjr2 Says:

    9:44 made? me jump.. 🙂 This is too awesome though, I bet that ham didn’t last long..

  7. jefilo Says:

    did anyone? see the subliminal message?!?! thumbs up!

  8. xxxbackspinxxx Says:

    Did? this for Thanksgiving. Used orange marmalade and smoked it for about 9 hrs. Now I have to do another for Christmas because everybody liked it so much. Thanks again Boys!

  9. arturo3569 Says:


  10. Imperial072 Says: with the boys in the woods..time to move? to the us..nice vids guys..greetz from holland

  11. KaczanowskiCo Says:

    I’m assuming country music is also an ingredient? Lol,? this looks delicious great work boys.

  12. HoustonTexican Says:

    Could you tell me the weight of that ham or the cooking rate (time/pound) please? Thanks guys! Your videos are? awesome!

  13. jerryhooker2 Says:

    Not only is your comments easy to listen to, but relaxing.
    Second, the music you choose for your background is fantastic.
    Wish we could? all be as laid back in life as you are.
    I would be glad to come to eat at your place anytime.
    Damn! life is good when watching you cook and comment!
    Jerry H.

  14. MrHouse437 Says:

    think i might have a bbq party for my 21st keep up the good work bbq pit boys :)?

  15. SonicBoomC98 Says:

    I need to get a new kettle. About what size is that they use in all the videos the 22in? Might have to try this? recipe. Not sure if I can find marmelade in the stores near my house

  16. sjfarish Says:

    Man this recipe made me so hungry I could eat the ass end out? of a hogs ass !!! Good job fellers !!!

  17. cire00200 Says:

    made this? ham last night awsome

  18. brenjunior Says:

    @pjgawnemark mmm hmm… i might check it out then, thx? buddy 🙂

  19. pjgawnemark Says:

    @liquidturion It was jack daniels. I could? tell by the label

  20. pjgawnemark Says:

    @brenjunior Ya can’t find that in? the outback can ya mate?

  21. Razorbackfan1982 Says:

    WoW!!! Best ham I have ever seen! Have to make this…Im sure I will make? all my friends very happy and coming back for more! Thanks guys!

  22. brenjunior Says:

    where do i get? molasses in australia?

  23. r0adkill24 Says:

    6 people have never had good? BBQ!

  24. Mellifera73 Says:

    Kann man bei Euch mal zum essen vorbei schauen? 🙂 :)? 🙂

  25. AmebaToast Says:

    Can someone please tell me? which marmelade he’s using?


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