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You’re Doing It All Wrong – How to Make Latkes

Posted on 16 June 2012 by admin     

Make latkes the right way. Leslie Jonath of Chronicle Books is an avid latke maker. Here she shows you the right way to make your favorite Hannukah food. Video by Didn’t know that you were doing it wrong? To avoid any future mistakes, bone up with a few more You’re Doing It All Wrong videos: For more recipes, stories and videos, check out CHOW on Twitter: CHOW on Facebook: ========================================================

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  1. PUROMAMBO3790 Says:

    In Israel they use? sweet potato, my family does it like that too.

  2. PUROMAMBO3790 Says:

    awwwww? =/

  3. Johnmartine63 Says:

    no? onion?

  4. LolaGabanna Says:

    wtf is that background noise and why is it the same volume as her voice? ?

  5. CreatorOfCastell Says:

    Looks amazing.?

  6. Ionagraingermusic Says:

    My iPad keeps repeating “fancy potatoes like these are? great but there not the-” OMG 🙁

  7. bonkuraysan Says:

    a potato with a? top hat.

  8. bonkuraysan Says:

    the correct way to make a latke is, the way you like it. taste and texture preferences are all opinion based, so to tell someone that they? are doing it all wrong, is to tell them it is wrong to have a preference, many people say i’m wrong when i make skordalia with 4 heads of garlic, but i think it tastes delicious. in culinary likes and dislikes, there is no right or wrong.

  9. ItThatBetrays Says:

    Ahhh.MILFS.God? bless you!

  10. OhhDeehMontages Says:

    I kind of? wondered: What is a fancy potatoe?

  11. MurphSack Says:

    Look? at her hairy ass arms at 0:15

  12. abareemo82 Says:


  13. biobiobio7777 Says:

    vitamin c? tablets? Uhhh…no

  14. RuckaInc Says:

    She? needs a hairnet around her arms.

  15. rubiCreative Says:

    So using cow dung instead of potatoes and frying it? in pig lard instead of oil is not a wrong way?

  16. 303Recon Says:

    college something you will never go to and get a dgree? kid

  17. sashabrooksssx Says:

    6 years? ? Congrats, retard.

  18. 303Recon Says:

    Fuck this Bitch Wh the hell is she i went to School For 6 years to be? a chef shes doing it wrong

  19. Silenthawk98 Says:


  20. KozieKit Says:

    V The guy down below replying to hisself is? being stupid and hilarious.

  21. TheZanzibarX Says:

    You’re doing it wrong. Use shredded onion instead of crushed vitamin C tablet to prevent oxidation. Also, this makes your? latke taste delicious instead of tasting like cardboard.

  22. TheRedDominator Says:

    oh please stop? it! 😀

  23. TheRedDominator Says:

    your better than jesus. he can turn water into wine but you can turn water into money which is more useful? than wine.

  24. TheRedDominator Says:

    sure why not. after all i? am a genius

  25. TheRedDominator Says:

    can? i have your autograph?