You’re Doing It All Wrong – How to Make Thanksgiving Stuffing

Posted on 21 September 2012 by Brijesh     

recipe: CHOW Associate Editor Roxanne Webber demonstrates the wrongs and rights of Thanksgiving stuffing. The biggest wrong? Sticking with the gluey mess that comes out of a box. Youre not saving yourself much time or money with that stuff.


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  • Orihime854


  • crazyblindseer

    e? package says it has: flour, sugar, dried onions, salt, soybean and cottenseed oil, soy protein, yeast, chicken,? chicken broth, a sweetener, dried celery, MSG, dried parsley, spices, more sugar, color and some of preservatives, binders and antioxidants.
    learn how to read a label. dumb bitch

  • kelaltieri

    omg, this cracked me the fuck up. At first I thought it said COW TITS. But your? version is just as hilarious. 😀

  • MrAgentGreeny

    She goes? “You don’t even know whats in it” … then shows us the ingredients

  • radioactivetree2

    if you don’t put the “stuffing” into the turkey? its called dressing. CHOW TITS YOUR DOING IT ALL WRONG

  • 7Drifloon7

    This may be the only YDIAW video? that is reasonable and not condescending.

  • segaprophet

    LOL, I just saw the Doritos consomme? video, Chow just lost some street cred..

  • mojototal

    At least it isn’t stuffed with? Doritos consommé.

  • Nightmareahh

    I put pineapples and Doritos Consommé in my stuffing for a southwestern kick.?

  • unicornsplayxboxtoo


  • TotallyRandommGirls

    prObablly dont know whats? in bread

  • awsum2146

    WHO CARES is u want to be fancy on what? your gonna stuff into a bird go ahead, and u actualy serve stuffing to your family….im desperate but not that desperate

  • EjPwned

    bitch belongs in the? kitchen.

  • KloptoriouS

    it’s? already cooked

  • yowzers97

    People are pissing me off. They are raging at chow on how they make stuff. GO MAKE YOUR OWN COOKING SHOW IF YOUR SUCH? A GOOD CHEF YA TWAT

  • evelsteev

    but if you stuff it in the bird, it won’t cook correctly.?

  • CoolKid030

    2nd way is sooo wrong it has like 4 ingredents when you take? a bite of it your going to geta chunk of apple or onion…. eww

  • allidock11

    Um…that’s dressing. Not stuffing. :)

    And damn you Yankees always putting apples in things? that apples have no place in!

  • Silenthawk98

    People? who put nuts in stuffing deserve a slow and painful death!

  • kbs1212

    Looking attractive: YOU’RE DOING? IT ALL WRONG.

  • vladamirkgpri39du

    If U miss this chance to? win iphone4,Don’t shout out God after beddream! Y15

  • Irudium1

    I’d Do you all Right? !

  • CoolKid030

    not to be mean but… THAT LOOKS FUC**NG NASTY!?


    hahahaha….? Oh my heart… Somebody get me the gravy I.V.